Administrators and teachers need to possess a solid understanding of the law to keep up with shifts in legislation and changes in curriculum. Through the online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program, you will gain expertise in topics such as education law, regulatory compliance, and administrative law. By developing your legal understanding of these topics, you will be better equipped to communicate with fellow educators, ensure students with disabilities are properly educated, and understand the academic impact of new curricula.

Career paths in education that you can pursue with our Master of Legal Studies degree include:


Administrators manage schools, universities, and academic institutions, making sure they run efficiently. An MLS will provide you with the legal skills you need to make better decisions for your academic community, whether you are hiring and supervising staff, managing department budgets, advocating for students, or implementing new curricula. Courses such as Education Law, Employment Law, and Contracts will be particularly beneficial when overseeing your academic institution.


Teachers need to thoroughly understand the topics they are presenting to effectively communicate with their students. With an MLS, you will bring more advanced legal concepts into your classroom when educating students on topics such as civil rights, intellectual property, and the US legal system. In addition, if you earn a Master of Legal Studies, you can teach at the collegiate level.