Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Pepperdine Law’s online Master of Legal Studies program, graduates will:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of substantive law, legal theory, and procedure by their ability to:

  • Identify and interpret foundational legal concepts in the areas of substantive law, legal theory, and procedure.
  • Describe the fundamental structure and process for how the US legal system works with emphasis specific to their area of interest.

Demonstrate proficiency in legal analysis and critical reasoning by their ability to:

  • Use legal analysis to examine and interpret cases, statutes, and regulations.
  • Develop multiple approaches for solving a problem.
  • Identify legal rules and apply them to the facts in a particular case, drawing appropriate conclusions.

Demonstrate proficiency in legal research and in written and oral communication by their ability to:

  • Define the scope of a legal research question, determine key concepts, and retrieve relevant information using simple search techniques.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing about legal and related issues.

Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a lawyer’s moral, ethical, and professional responsibilities by their ability to:

  • Recognize basic and obvious ethical issues and grasp the complexities or interrelationships among the issues.
  • Apply ethical perspectives/concepts to an ethical question.