Career Advancement for Paralegals and Legal Professionals

A Master of Legal Studies can help legal professionals, particularly paralegals, gain a more comprehensive understanding of the terminology and inner workings of the US legal system. Paralegals will develop the skills to:

  • Perform more efficient research.
  • Prepare more thorough documentation.
  • Be more informed when communicating with lawyers.

Pepperdine Law’s online program also prepares paralegals with hands-on experience they can bring to their law firms through mock classroom exercises, multimedia simulations, and other interactive learning tools. They will benefit from the diverse insights of their professors and classmates as they debate in face-to-face online classes and work together during two in-person weekend residencies.

Because our program allows students to tailor their learning experience with an array of elective courses, they can develop expertise in different industries and areas of the law. This can help current and aspiring paralegals prepare to specialize in areas such as intellectual property, immigration, litigation, family law, probate, estate planning, or real estate.

A combination of real-world experience, legal expertise, and master’s degree credentials can help paralegals increase their earning potential and become more valuable to employers.