Other Professionals Who Benefit from a Master of Legal Studies

Many ideal candidates for Pepperdine’s Master of Legal Studies program perform law-related tasks in their current roles, such as negotiating contracts, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, navigating complex healthcare laws, or working closely with lawyers. Our students come from various backgrounds and work in diverse industries.

Business, Finance, and Investment

Business and finance professionals can make smarter decisions and ensure compliance with regulations and corporate governance by gaining expertise in contracts, compliance, and negotiation. A legal studies education can also give individuals a foundation in the legal aspects of investing in or starting a business. These professionals include:

  • Business executives
  • Investors and entrepreneurs
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Compliance officers
  • Human resource managers

Politics and Government

A background in negotiation and the current legal system can help professionals involved in the process of creating and implementing laws, mediating between parties, and analyzing or drafting laws and regulations. These professionals include:

  • Politicians
  • Congressional staffers
  • Legal aides
  • Lobbyists

Additional Career Paths

Professionals in a number of other fields can also enhance their skills with a Master of Legal Studies:

Healthcare administrators
They can better analyze government policies and complex healthcare laws, which can help them advance their careers and deliver more effective care.

Teachers and professors
Educators in areas such as business or healthcare may pursue a Master of Legal Studies to develop multidisciplinary expertise to provide a well-rounded education.

Real estate agents
They can more expertly navigate legal contracts and property law by gaining a greater understanding of these areas of the law.

Legal journalists
They can add depth and insight to case reporting and analysis when they better understand the law.

Social workers
They can more effectively advocate for their clients' rights when they attain a deeper knowledge of the legal system.